About Us


We are here to help you with your needs for translations and writing.


The languages we work in are Swedish, English and German.


Our primary fields of technical expertise include:


  • Financial

including newsletters, press releases, economic forecasts, market reports, audit reports, consultancy reports, AGM documentation and accounts and accounting documents


  • Technical

including general technical translations such as user manuals, various technical reports, user interface strings, product descriptions, product marketing texts and technical master data


  • Automotive and other heavy industries

including quality management, environmental mangement, health & safety, process development and management, technical and business training material, purchasing, logistics, supply chain management, finance as well as general business correspondence and documentation.


  • Aviation

including training, regulations, avionics, maintenance, operational procedures, as well as remote control equipment for airplanes, helicopters and drones and related systems and technologies


  • Music

including manuals and descriptions for music equipment, marketing texts for music events, press releases, newsletters as well as music notation, arranging, training material and music performance and training


We are located in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Registered for corporation taxation